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  • Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand
  • Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand
  • Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand
  • Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand
  • Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand

Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand

  • Official Oypla Branded Product - Brand New Free UK Delivery
  • Easy to Use Frame Clamp
  • Easy Access Tool Tray
  • Includes Handle Bar Strap For Extra Stability
  • Heavy Duty Construction Keeps Stand Sturdy

£29.99 Good Stock

Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Bike Repair Stand

Home Mechanic Folding Bicycle Repair Stand


Latest design bike repair stand with clamp and magnetic tool tray.


  • The Bike can be tilted in the vertical axis and swung in the horizontal so you can be at the perfect height or position for any job. The bike can also be held by either the frame or the seatpost.
  • The Folding Bicycle Repair Stand is constructed from heavy duty powder coated mild steel, while the Injection moulded head and joining parts are made from glass reinforced nylon for maximum strength.
  • Max height of the head is 1.65metres but can be operated from as low as 1 meter for kids wanting to learn
  • Max Bike Weight 30kg - Stand Weight 7.5kg




Much more solid and stable than I expected. Holds my hybrid, road bike and the kids mountain bikes fine. I like to hang bikes by the seat post so Im not clamping any cables, that can put quite a lot of torque on the clamp holding the short horizontal pole to the long vertical one. It copes fine with my light road bike but seemed to be on the limit with my cheap heavy hybrid. Reasonable gauge tubes seem solid. Clamps probably not as good on the more expensive models, but youre paying well over 100 for them. I cant justify over 100, but this does the job and makes life in the garage much easier.
This is a great product I researched these quite a bit and this is way above my expectations in terms of price and quality, took 2 minutes to assemble a couple more to get the right height etc. The construction is really good pictures don't do it justice for the price nothing better
Superb and very sturdy, holds my Voodoo perfectly and makes servicing and cleaning so much easier :)
Received as a gift, excellent piece of kit. Can't believe I struggled along without one for so long. Makes maintenance and component cleaning so much easier, was always put-off by cost of equivalent stands. + good value + strong main frame, easy quick release + The rod that can be used to hold the front-wheel in place is OK + knocked stand over when folding away, tool tray broke (entirely my fault). Just need to be careful when putting away, a magnetic tray would be a better alternative.
The picture and description do not do this justice - it is absolutely superb, Great build quality from paint finish to all parts used. The adjustable legs go flat to floor for great stability. It is sturdy and strong. I can not recommend highly enough. It looks like it should cost 2 - 3 times a s much. If you need a bike mechanic stand then you will do no better than this and at this price its a steal..
Dan Peters
We have 5 bikes at home (4 MTB and 1 Road) and I do all the maintenance where I can with an occasional professional service. After struggling with a strip down of the roadie yesterday I got sufficiently motivated to order this bike stand. The stand was simple to put together and looks very sturdy. I immediately decided to get to work on a project I had been putting off... ...my wife and I sometimes like to ride together although we haven't taken that pleasure together in some time. This is on part due to the fact that last time out I refered to her over use of her granny ring which she seemed to take personally. I knew her gears were not running smoothly and that her pads were worn so I mounted her heavy frame on the stand and set about stripping it down and giving it a good work over. Now I am pleased to say her pads are replaced and the grip on her rim is amazing. With her gears properly adjusted and chain fully lubed up her womens specific design is like it was when she first rode it. It was all so easy to get everything ticking over quite nicely. I could adjust her heavy frame to any position I wanted to facilitate easy access to the parts I wanted to work on and everything remained stable in spite of some heavy wind. We have now have several rides together and are both appreciative of how the introduction of this amazing piece of kit has made everything much smoother for both of us.
Really good product for the money. I've just started doing my own bike maintenance so was looking for a stand that wouldn't break the bank. Honestly, I don't see how you can do any better than this for the price. Item arrived quickly and well packaged. Took about 5 mins to put together and that's it. Stand ready to go. So far I have used it for 3 different bikes for various bits of maintenance and it has held all 3 without a problem. The jaws hold the bike frame quite securely and at different angles if required. It seems more than steady enough when the bikes are raised off the ground and secured in the jaws. I've actually power washed a bike whilst secured in the jaws and at no time did the stand look or feel as if it would fall over. All in all a bargain and makes it so much easier to do maintenance on your own bike. The price jumped by 4 between putting it in my basket and actually sending for the item, but even then it was still a great deal. No complaints from me, and would recommend to anyone looking for a work stand for occassional maintenance to bicycles.
So good, my dad instantly wanted one and then a friend of mine also bought one. Excellent for the money and really useful to have. So much easier than working on bike on the floor!
Steve Baker
An excellent piece of kit, sturdy and well worth the money. Delivered on time and well packaged. I would definitely recommend
Dr David Todd
Very solid stand, have used it with a couple of heavier bikes (steel frames) and it is very stable. Good features - tray for holding screws / bits, very adjustable, wide leg positioning.