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About Us

Oypla.com LLP is a small company with a big heart, we bring our talents together to develop and deliver solutions as a team. The business is family run and was established in July 2012. Oypla.com LLP currently operates from 4 sites strategically located throughout the UK with its head office based in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. Oypla.com LLP is registered in the united kingdom, registration number OC373754 - 3 Brook Business Centre, Cowley Mill Rd, Uxbridge UB8 2FX.

Ramsey is a market town in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. It lies 14 miles southeast of Cambridge and 47 miles north-east of central London

We currently offer our customers over 900 quality products. Oypla customers know they're getting the best price along with exclusive offers on a huge range of categories including electrical, toys, DIY, sports and product for the home and garden. Whether it's cookware, cleaning equipment, DIY or something for your baby, Oypla caters for everyone with its affordable products.

Oypla.com LLP recognises its environmental responsibilities and commits to taking an environmentally and socially responsible approach to both existing activities and future developments, reducing pollution through the efficient use of energy, along with material and product substitution to reduce any adverse effect on the environment.

Under our environmental policy, we will:

  • Minimise disturbance to the local and global environment and to local communities and wildlife
  • Take a responsible approach to packaging, transport/carriage, and disposal of waste
  • Minimise use of energy and raw materials and adhere to principles of sustainability
  • Consider the environment in the design of products, packaging and processes and the maintenance of equipment
  • Provide information on the use and final disposal of products and packaging
  • Ensure that all employees and suppliers are adequately informed about Oypla's environmental policy

Oypla.com LLP is committed to quality excellence. We achieve this through ensuring our quality policy statement and associated procedures are applied to all work undertaken within the company.

Through this quality policy, we commit to the following:

  • Effective management of a highly competent supply chain, using our own in-house plant and machinery to deliver customer orders on time
  • Complying with all applicable legislation and training requirements relating to health & safety and online trading
  • Ensuring all changes to our website and procedures are adequately tested prior to implementation
  • On going measurement of our customer experience, using customer feedback to make improvements
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and ensuring we deliver the best value for our customers through these relationships
  • Continually reviewing and improving our processes, products and customer experience

Oypla.com LLP is committed to providing a safe and comfortable working environment. Whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction we will ensure to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our staff, customers, visitors and other persons who may be affected by our business. Accordingly, we are dedicated to achieving and maintaining high standards of Health & Safety throughout our business, taking all reasonable steps to prevent, control or guard against potential risks and side effects. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate or control such risks and create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Under our Health & Safety policy, we commit to:

  • Complying with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act and all relevant legislation and codes of practices
  • Formulate by location, Safety Plans and Risk Assessments within the requirements of Health & Safety legislation; clearly setting out the measures to be taken to safeguard employees and others affected by our activities
  • Providing adequate and competent supervision of all Company activities which involve risk
  • The prevention of injury and ill health
  • Providing appropriate Health & Safety training for employees, covering Health & Safety at work, safe working practices and other relevant areas as demanded by job role/function
  • Development and maintenance of effective systems which inform and consult employees on relevant Health & Safety matters
  • Progressive identification and elimination or control of hazards which present a risk to our employees and other persons and possible damage to, and loss of plant or product
  • Paying appropriate attention to Health & Safety when planning new developments, systems and purchasing equipment
  • Taking practical steps to ensure adherence to this policy by all its employees and other persons undertaking work on behalf of the Company
  • In addition to regular audits of our procedures, a Director has been assigned to ensuring full compliance with our Health & Safety processes and control as an on going function.

Against Modern Slavery

Oypla.com LLP prohibits slavery, forced labour and human trafficking of any kind in relation to business and our supply chain. We will not support or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking. We support the promotion of ethical business practices and policies to protect workers from any kind of abuse or exploitation in relation to our business and supply chain.

We take a zero-tolerance approach towards slavery and human trafficking and we are aware that there may be a degree of risk when sourcing products manufactured abroad. In order to manage risk, we have a supplier manual that obligates our suppliers to recognise their commitment to the cause of human rights and ethical trading. Where necessary both new and existing overseas suppliers or our sourcing agents (as the case may be) are required by us to provide inspection reports, as a check on compliance with local laws and regulations and this includes reporting on labour practices, dangerous practices, unsafe machinery and child labour. We will evaluate any instances of non-compliance on a case by case basis and will carry out any remedial action where necessary.

We will regularly communicate with our employees and people in our supply chain, to ensure that they have an understanding to effectively deal with the issues of modern slavery and encourage them to be compliant.